The Firm - Guerrero Abogados
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Since 1979

Law professionals

Guerrero Abogados was founded by its owner Salvador Guerrero Rodriguez in 1979 as a consequence of his concern for the task of defending his clients´ interests in an effective and familiar way, a mission which remains as strong as ever today.

After 40 years´ work and dedication, Guerrero Abogados, comprised of an expert team which is highly trained to handle all types of disputes with technical expertise, has consolidated itself as a leader in Malaga´s legal sector.

Thanks to our highly qualified team, Guerrero Abogados provides a high quality comprehensive service working in a variety of legal areas. We offer an honest, straightforward and personalised relationship to our national and international clients, who have, in turn, rewarded the team with their loyalty over the years.

At Guerrero Abogados we work toward the future by supporting the main value in a law firm: our people; those who form part of our firm, and those who are our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is sound; offering our team the necessary training, tools and opportunities to fully develop their potential and talent as professionals to the benefit of our clients.

As well as our great technical expertise, our lawyers adopt a strategic vision of disputes and how to avoid them, suggesting alternatives in order to solve problems through negotiation.

Loyal commitment and personalized service

Our philosophy

We offer a loyal commitment and personalized attention to our customers, based on closeness and trust. Seriousness and honesty are guiding principles of our professional performance.

The vocation to provide a quality service, the professionalism of our team, as well as respect for the opposing party and the opposing lawyer in all our cases, have also inspired the daily work of the Firm in these forty years of dedication to the legal profession.


Salvador Guerrero Rodríguez – Guerrero Abogados

Salvador Guerrero Rodríguez

Founding Partner

Founding partner of Guerrero Abogados, his areas of expertise are Civil and Commercial law. He was awarded the Medal of Merit Award for Legal Services 2012.

Salvador Guerrero Palomares – Guerrero Abogados

Salvador Guerrero Palomares


Partner of Guerrero Abogados, Salvador Guerrero Palomares is a specialist in the areas of Procedural, Civil, Criminal and Bankruptcy law, Doctor of Law and honorary professor of the Procedural Law Department at Malaga University.

Marina Guerrero Palomares – Guerrero Abogados

Marina Guerrero Palomares


Partner of Guerrero Abogados, Marina Guerrero Palomares is a specialist in the areas of Civil and Administrative Law.

Referents in Malaga’s legal sector and integrated by a disciplinary team ready to solve disputes of all kinds with technical solvency.


Elena Lopez Berberana – Guerrero Abogados

Elena López Berberana

Criminal, Penitentiary and Employment Law
Silvia Alvarez de Ron Vega – Guerrero Abogados

Silvia Álvarez de Ron Vega

Civil & Family Law
Enrique Sanchez Gonzalez – Guerrero Abogados

Enrique Sánchez González

Administrative and Economic criminal Law and Accounting jurisdiction
Luis Gutierrez Ruiz – Guerrero Abogados

Luis Gutiérrez Ruiz

Civil and Criminal Law
Graciano Vetrugno – Guerrero Abogados

Graziano Vetrugno

Civil and Commercial Law. Italian Law.
Coral Villeta – Guerrero Abogados

Coral Villeta

Trainee Lawyer. Graduate in Law. Master in Legal Practice and Master in Governance and Human Rights.


Carlos Pedrazuela – Guerrero Abogados

Carlos Pedrazuela

Clerk (english & french)
Ana Guerrero – Guerrero Abogados

Ana Guerrero

Francisco Navarro – Guerrero Abogados

Francisco Navarro

Seriousness and honesty are guiding principles of our professional performance.